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PitchBook gives Lee & Associates an edge in commercial real estate

PitchBook has helped commercial real estate firm Lee & Associates identify leads, get up to-speed on trends and close deals faster.

Lee & Associates, the largest broker-owned commercial real estate firm in the US, aims to attract entrepreneurial and innovative brokers who challenge conventions and think creatively to attract clients, expand local offices, and strengthen the Lee & Associates brand.

It’s no surprise then that during a recent call with CEO Jeff Rinkov (Los Angeles), President Jeff Moeller (San Francisco), and Executive Managing Director Justin Myers (New York), PitchBook was proposed as a solution to achieve wins and increase the presence of Lee & Associates.

Challenge: Creating a competitive edge

Before adopting PitchBook, the team relied on multiple sources for research—however, these resources included news outlets, professional networking sites, and online databases that were commonly used by competitors. This lack of differentiation made it challenging to create a competitive advantage for the Lee & Associates team.

With PitchBook, the team’s goals were to:

  • Stay updated on market trends, enabling them to promptly identify and address potential commercial real estate opportunities.

  • Gain deeper insights into local industries, allowing them to anticipate needs and approach potential clients strategically.

  • Identify and connect with influential leaders and investors within local markets, fostering valuable networking opportunities.

By May 2022, the firm was up and running with PitchBook access in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Phoenix, New York, and Boston—for this article, we’ll be focusing on the three cities shown below.

San Francisco
843 deals 
completed in the
Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning

117 deals 
completed in the
Industrial space

150 deals  completed in the Biotech space

*Data counts reflected over the past year from 5/31/22

Solution: Gaining a detailed look at market movement

Lee & Associates teams are leveraging PitchBook in innovative ways to enhance their operations. They utilize the platform to track companies within their regions, with a particular focus on those raising capital, experiencing growth, and requiring tenant representation.

Specific tools used by the Lee & Associates team:

  • Advanced search helps the team look into explore geographic, sector-specific, and stage-specific information, including fundraising details—ensuring they stay up-to-date on market trends and quickly access the most relevant data.

  • Alerts on target companies within specific sectors or geographic areas, which provide real-time notifications about financing activities and creating opportunities for tenant/owner representation. Brokers receive this information directly in their inboxes to help them stay ahead of competitors.

  • Market Maps help the team gain comprehensive insights into key players within their targeted verticals. This tool helps them understand the direction and trends of these industries, enabling effective decision-making and strategic planning.

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