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Our PitchBook Perspectives series shares meaningful conversations about the evolving capital markets. Learn about new trends and hear our financial analysts dive into key themes from our reports and analyst notes. For detailed information and deeper insights, follow the links below to download the full reports. To access PitchBook's robust private and public market data, request a free trial today.


PitchBook Analyst Note: The Golden Mean of Corporate Venture Capital

Corporate Venture Capital: balancing strategic and financial goals
CVC investors have participated in over 50% of US VC deal value for the past two quarters. Senior Analyst Brendan Burke sits down to discuss their motivations and role in the VC market globally.

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PitchBook Analyst Note: What Goes Up Privately, Comes Down Publicly

Alternative lender valuations in fintech: A tale of two cities
Fintech companies in lending have fared well in the private capital markets, however, those that have gone public have experienced diminishing stock performances. Sr. Tech Analyst Robert Le gives us the scoop.

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PitchBook Analyst Note: Blackstone's C-Corp Conversion

The significance of Blackstone's conversion to C-Corp
Publicly traded GPs that have converted to C-Corp are showing they can outperform those that remain partnerships. Senior Analyst, Wylie Fernyhough shares his observations about the most recent example.

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PitchBook Analyst Note: Searching for Validation

Post-IPO performance
Venture Analyst Cameron Stanfill takes a look at how billion-dollar companies fare after their IPOs, and what affects their public market performance.

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PitchBook Analyst Note: Venture Capital in China

Chinese Venture Capital: Mobilizing for Growth

In 2019, nearly 30% of global venture capital was directed into Chinese startups. Venture Analyst Alex Frederick provides insights into two key factors driving this influx.

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2018 Annual M&A Report

Ardent private markets activity drove institutionalization of M&A
The proportion of acquisition targets with institutional backing has risen to an all-time high of 20%—with private equity accounting for the lion’s share at 10.6%. PE analyst Wylie Fernyhough shares the details of his new favorite eight-syllable word.

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European Venture Report

For European Venture funds, 2018 brought fewer by number, but larger in size
In 2018, European venture investors raised €8.4B in only 62 funds. Venture analysts Joelle Sostheim and Cameron Stanfill help us understand what is driving this change.

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US PE Breakdown

Robust dealmaking propelled Private Equity to record year

In private equity, 2018 closed with a record 4,828 deals worth a combined $713 billion. PE analyst Wylie Fernyhough sat down to help us makes sense of this performance.

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PitchBook Analyst Note: 2019 Venture Capital Outlook

Prediction: Record value in 2019 IPOs 

Analysts Cameron Stanfill and Alex Frederick break down their prediction that 2019 will see record value in companies that IPO.

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PitchBook Analyst Note: Exploring Buyout Multiples: Part III

Unpacking allocators' perspectives

Senior Analyst Dylan Cox expands on his analysis and discusses the underpinnings of the buy and build strategy.

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Annual Institutional Investors Survey

Add-ons demonstrating strong value
Senior Strategist James Gelfer sits down to help us better understand the complexities that Institutional Investors are facing in today’s market.

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