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PitchBook Analyst Note: Venture Capital in China

1Q 2019

PitchBook Analyst Note: Venture Capital in China

March 15, 2019

PitchBook Analyst Note: Venture Capital in China
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In 2019, nearly 30% of global venture capital was directed into Chinese startups. Venture Analyst Alex Frederick provides insights into two key factors driving this influx.

With nearly 30% of total global VC invested into Chinese startups in 2018, China's venture scene has seen an incredible spike in VC activity and technological innovation in recent years. This analyst note examines a variety of factors shaping the Chinese venture landscape, including:
  • Limited but expanding exit strategies for Chinese startups
  • Evolving regulations, investor strategies, and new high-tech boards
  • Recent initiatives designed to bolster the entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem in China
  • Expansive platform strategies developed by China's leading tech firms (including Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent)

Note: This analyst note was updated on March 18, 2019, as there were two company headquarters identified as suburbs of Beijing as opposed to the overall city, which has since been updated to match the rest of the report's data of utilizing only the city-level headquarters.