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How our clients use PitchBook

Private market intelligence

“PitchBook frequently helps us identify PE firms that might be interested in a sell-side client we are representing. Additionally, we rely on PitchBook to help us identify market trends and compare what is happening in the broad market to what we see in our niche health care services areas.”

Dexter Braff, President, The Braff Group

"By explaining to LP’s that we have subscribed to PitchBook they get a sense of comfort that we have access to great information in the VC ecosystem."

Les Elliott, CEO, All Seasons Capital Management

74% of surveyed Financial Services organizations said the main purpose for using PitchBook is private market intel.

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“When we raised our new round, PitchBook played a big role. We could quickly find the right investors and access the information we needed to reach out. PitchBook’s contact information on limited partners is extremely accurate.”

Ragnar Jongen, Associate, DN Capital

“We especially relied on PitchBook when approaching an LP for the first time. It helped us to identify who is out there and who we should be talking to.

Julian Mattes, Partner, Yttrium

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Deal sourcing

“Given our established presence in Europe, we’re looking at a high volume of opportunities. We need company and industry snapshots quickly in order to have meaningful discussions around the business. PitchBook gives us quality data, along with detailed contact information, quickly and easily.”

Claudia Rowe, Growth Investor, Balderton Capital

"PitchBook’s investment research and peer comparisons help a lot in deal sourcing and due diligence."

Eric Gao, CEO, BMYG Financial Group

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We surveyed our clients to get their thoughts on what PitchBook has to offer, here are a few highlights:


of surveyed organizations saw their return on investment with PitchBook within the first year or less.

According to surveys of PitchBook users conducted through TechValidate.

Due diligence

Due diligence

“PitchBook helps us win by providing more in-depth knowledge of a company prior to marketing to them."

Derek Hrinya, Corporate Finance Professional, Woodforest Commercial

“PitchBook is our go-to source for startup due diligence. We use it daily to support our due diligence with comparable transactions data, exit analysis, and competitive analysis.”

Assaf Shamia, Investment Director, G+D Ventures

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Business development

“Thanks to PitchBook, we save time in our research and are able to better qualify investments, markets or potential partners. The tool is constantly being improved and the team is attentive to both the collection of our data and our satisfaction as a customer.”

Nicolas Biet, Partner, The Faktory

“I use PitchBook as a data enrichment tool for our CRM to make the data that our sellers get served more relevant and richer. PitchBook aids in cross-functional selling, giving us a better chance to capitalize on our efforts.

Teague Goddard, Business Director, CDW Corporation

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“I look at lenders a firm has worked with in the past to provide an extra level of certainty that we would be a good match, and I utilize the company description to see if they invest in our target industries.”

Marissa Mann, Senior Associate, Saratoga Investment Corp

"[With PitchBook] I was able to create a very targeted list, which resulted in me getting meetings with a higher than usual number of companies."

Daniel Bangser, Advisor, Swiss Agency for Trade and Investment Promotion

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Deal execution

“PitchBook helps us arrive at a value that makes the seller feel comfortable, confident, and excited about the trade.

Brad Fishman, Managing Partner, Manhattan Venture Partners

"I always get useful information from PitchBook and share with other brokers. It's so much deeper than other sources. The unique deals we're able to find through PitchBook more than pay for the cost of the license."

Ross Sanzari, Principal, Investment Sales Broker

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"PitchBook data helps with building benchmarks to drive decisions."

Thiago Mendes, Analyst, Nexus Investimentos

"We use PitchBook for better due diligence, market insights and research, and benchmarking data—also to promote our firm so when people are doing research on us they can see [our] deals and funds."

Kevin Barber, Managing Director, Sun Mountain Capital

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Asset allocation

"PitchBook helps us win with better asset allocation and company tear sheets."

Analyst, small business financial services company

"PitchBook helped us identify sponsor owned assets and fund vintages to better understand actionable targets and also helped with market mapping by better understanding the competitive landscape."

Private equity, small business financial services company

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