Why do the world's smartest investors, companies and advisors use the PitchBook Platform?

“The PitchBook Platform has become the #1 data resource for our entire team, who use it to source private company and market data, build highly targeted buyer lists, and perform comps analysis. Beyond the data, the PitchBook team proactively finds ways to bring more value to our business.“

Christian Schiller
Cascadia Capital LLC

Our approach to lower mid-market private equity is extremely data driven. The PitchBook Platform provides us with mission critical intel and real-time market color that is essential to our buy and build strategy.

Jay C. Jester Jay C.

We have identified several companies, startups, and their financial data for faster use in the due diligence process. PitchBook allows us to analyze venture capital players in the construction industry, something we can’t do with information solely from the internet.


Very helpful–I find it much easier and faster to use than Venture Source.

Lyndsay Forsmo Lyndsay

My firm works very closely with the VC and PE community and, in this context, PitchBook has proven to be an indispensable source of timely, accurate, highly useful information.

Dean Riskas Dean

We can research previous deals, investment preferences, and fund sizes for private placement purposes. PitchBook’s deal search and company search has allowed us to efficiently create prospect lists.

Amy Liang Amy

PitchBook is easy to use and saves me an enormous amount of time scouring the internet piecing together the history of a transaction, private equity fundraising status, key board members, etc.

Jeff Kurtzweil Jeff

We need deep, accurate, timely information on private equity to drive our business. We test drove all the options and chose PitchBook, hands down.
PitchBook is a Ferrari in an industry full of Chevys.

Kevin Ford Kevin Ford, Partner Ventura Partners Logo

The PitchBook Platform is an invaluable tool for us at all stages of the investment process. Whether on mobile or desktop, information is easily accessible. Powerful built-in tools help us analyze the data and get straight to the information we need. We highly recommend it.

Martin Afshari-Mehr Martin

With PitchBook, we are able to more efficiently get detailed company information for private companies. It has been an enormous time saver in locating funding information, investors, and other relevant info. We use the tool every day.

Joe Miller Joe

With PitchBook our team can quickly and reliably access data across the entire investment ecosystem. PitchBook not only helps us to have a worldwide view of the market, it also equips us with the foremost analytical and workflow tools which make us more efficient.

Paolo Bavaj Paolo

PitchBook data shows who the investors, founders, and other key players are of start-ups and venture capital firms. As simple as this may seem, it's not information that's widely available–especially not all in one place!

Korn Ferry Logo Francois Auzerais,
Senior Associate

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