A look at the pay gap between male and female executives

June 22, 2018
Female founders face a major funding disparity. In 2017, US-based startups founded solely by women received just about 2% of all VC backing, per PitchBook data. 

But what about women who aren't necessarily founders? High-level female employees of private companies tend to experience a funding gap of their own, according to data gathered by compensation firm J.Thelander Consulting. Women in director-level roles typically earn less than their male counterparts, particularly among the executives who are paid the most. One notable exception is at the low end of the spectrum: For CEOs, COOs and chief marketing officers earning a relatively minimal amount, women tend to be paid slightly more. 

We've gathered information from Thelander's most recent private company compensation report to shine a light on the pay discrepancy between female and male executives. The charts below reflect data from this year and last year:

Total cash compensation for CEOs

Total cash compensation for COOs

Total cash compensation for chief marketing officers


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