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An inside look at severance and maternity leave at private companies

We’ve put together four charts with global data from J. Thelander Consulting’s severance report, including info on what happens when leadership changes and what family leave benefits are like.

It’s well-known in the tech community that CEOs and other executives at private companies worldwide earn a good deal of compensation, whether in the form of base pay, bonuses and/or equity. But what about other benefits for executives and rank-and-file employees? And what happens when there’s a change in leadership?

The charts below illustrate some of the answers, including whether severance packages are offered and how much maternity leave is typically provided. The charts are based on global data from surveys conducted by J. Thelander Consulting.

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Here are four key points from the compensation firm’s 2017 Change of Control and Severance Report:

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    Written by Dana Olsen

    Dana Olsen was a senior writer at PitchBook, covering all things venture capital. She has a BA from UC Santa Barbara and a JD from Loyola Law School.

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