CEO compensation snapshot: Tech, biotech, cleantech and more

March 5, 2017 View comments (2)
It’s no secret that CEOs make a lot of money. But exactly how much chief executives are compensated is a bit more of a mystery—as is the difference between industries.

To shed light on that hard-to-find data, we partnered with J. Thelander Consulting to illustrate precisely how much CEOs in the tech, biotech, medical devices and cleantech sectors earn on an annual basis. The findings come from data reported by more than 1,000 private companies. And as the chart shows, biotech execs are heading home with the biggest paychecks, with tech CEOs bringing up the rear.

"Private company CEO compensation is stable and solid," says Jody Thelander, president and CEO of J. Thelander Consulting. "Biotech executives tend to be higher on cash compensation because of the level of education and experience typically required to run a life science company."

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