How much do those designers and engineers make?

March 1, 2016

Engineers are among the most sought after talent these days. They're the unsung heroes behind the success of many companies and it's no secret that they get paid well. But according to compensation data from J. Thelander Consulting, designers are quickly approaching the salary levels of engineers. Exactly how much do these positions earn? Let's break it down.

Designers—includes UX director, UX designer, UX manager, UX researcher, product designer, visual designer and drafter:

  • The mean total cash distribution for designers in 2015 was $106,126
  • Total cash (50th%ile) by level: I - $65,000, II - $90,000, III - $111,167, IV - $140,000, V - $175,000
  • The mean total cash for designers in Northern California: $119,646; 75th%ile: $141,563


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Engineers—includes software engineer, database engineer, network engineer, engineering manager and test engineer, among others:

  • The mean total cash distribution in 2015 was $119,431
  • Total cash (50th%ile) by level: I - $66,890, II - $90,000, III - $120,000, IV - $145,000, V - $175,000, VI - $205,000
  • The mean total cash for engineers in Northern California: $128,085; 75th%ile: $150,000


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