Revealing the numbers for sales commission payouts at private companies

October 13, 2017 View comments (4)
Compensation for a salesperson at a private company depends on a variety of factors: Commission structure and job title are a few of them. 

Based on its 2017 Private Company Compensation Report, J. Thelander Consulting has exclusive commission data for people working in all levels of sales at VC- and PE-backed companies. Below, we've put together a collection of charts illustrating dollar-figure commission payouts for a variety of sales roles.

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The charts below reflect data on sales commission payouts from last year:


 Here's the link to Thelander's private company year-end merit increase, option pool & secondary markets survey.

     For more on private company and investment firm compensation, check out other articles PitchBook has published with J. Thelander Consulting. And click here to contact J. Thelander Consulting directly. 

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