The inside scoop on employee turnover at VC and PE firms

September 26, 2018 View comment (1)
Hiring and holding onto talent is a crucial part of running an investment firm—and the cycle of new and departing employees never seems to stop.

That seems especially true in 2018. So far this year, 80% of investment firms—including PE and VC shops—have hired new employees, according to figures from compensation data company J.Thelander Consulting. In 2017, the comparable number was 66%.

Meanwhile, 24% of investment firms said they've lost a partner or key recruit this year, compared to 19% in 2017. In terms of promotion, 13% of firms have promoted an existing employee to partner in 2018, while 15% did so last year.

We've used data from the Thelander-PitchBook 2017 and 2018 investment firm surveys to compile information on where new hires are coming from and where departing employees are going:

What type of organization did new hires come from?


If your firm lost a partner or key recruit, where did they go?


For information on how to get more compensation data, visit J.Thelander Consulting. And check out more of our compensation coverage.

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