U.S. VC deal flow slides for three quarters for first time since 2009

By PitchBook
October 7, 2015

PitchBook's 2H 2015 VC Valuations & Trends Report unveils the hottest trends within the venture capital industry, taking a deep dive into a decade of VC valuations, financings and series terms. Powered by the PitchBook Platform, which tracks 25,000 VC-backed company valuations, the report offers data-driven analysis of VC valuations through the first half of 2015. To summarize these key findings, we've produced the short video above, which unveils some particularly interesting details regarding today's venture industry, including: us vc activity by q

  • $21.8 billion was invested in 2Q 2015, another post-crisis record. Despite this, deal flow has steadily decreased since 1Q 2014
  • Median Series A and B valuations have increased to $15.1M and $41.4M, respectively. Median Series D+ valuations are at an all time high ($184M)
  • 32 startups entered the realm of unicorns through August of this year. This number nearly eclipses last year's record high of 33

To dive into the full Valuations & Trends Report, click here to download it for free.

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