Jacob Robbins

Venture Capital Reporter

Jacob Robbins is a reporter covering venture capital for PitchBook. Based in Seattle, Jacob is originally from Massachusetts and holds dual degrees in political science and cinema studies from the American University. His work has appeared in Air Mail and Business Insider.



These 10 quantum computing companies have pulled in the most VC cash

The quantum computing vertical saw a record dealmaking in 2023. These are the businesses that have raised the most capital.

These are the 10 most active investors in fintech

After two years of breakneck growth, the fintech sector appears to be settling down. Still, with generative AI on the rise, there are plenty of deals to be had. These are the 10 busiest VC investors in the fintech space, according to PitchBook data.

Investors see a test for loss-making startups in Rubrik’s IPO

The cloud data security startup’s losses widened to $354.2 million ahead of its IPO.

Monad Labs rises to unicorn status with $225M raise in largest crypto round of 2024

The blockchain startup raised $225 million, highlighting renewed excitement for the vertical.

Market Map: Tracking the shifting momentum in healthcare services

Within healthcare services, physician practice management companies, or PPMs, are the biggest segment.

Hailo raises $120M to move generative AI beyond the cloud

The Israeli-based startup raised $120 million for its edge computing devices, specialized chips that handle tasks locally as opposed to sending off information to a data center.

Thomas Tull’s USIT leads $175M round into cost-saving startup Celestial AI

Thomas Tull’s U.S Innovative Technology Fund has led a $175 million Series C into Celestial AI, a photonics chip startup aiming to bring AI computing costs down.

Check up on the 10 most active VCs in digital health

Despite a pullback, investors are still bullish on the digital health space, with several startups raising blockbuster sums.

Former Microsoft enterprise IT exec on AI investing and her new $230M fund

Seattle’s Tola Capital raised $230 million for its third flagship fund. Managing director Sheila Gulati speaks about peers jumping into venture and how to invest in AI.

The most active investors in enterprise SaaS

Enterprise SaaS is seeing a rebound in venture investment, propelled by intense interest in how AI will transform business.

AI cloud startup Astera Labs rockets 72% in Nasdaq debut

The AI-focused chip and cloud-infrastructure company goes public at a moment of rapid growth for its services.

Market Map: The startups helping CFOs manage their businesses

Startups working within the CFO stack segment of enterprise fintech are devoted to creating new tools that help finance teams manage their payroll, accounting and more.

The VC investors leading the way in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is being used to fight disinformation, deepfakes and data breaches with several global elections on the horizon. These are the VC investors betting big in the space.

Microsoft backs OpenAI rival Mistral AI

Microsoft is partnering with Mistral AI, a French rival to OpenAI.

Can generative AI jump-start hardware VC investment?

Investing in hardware has always been hard.

AI, cybersecurity topped unicorn leaderboards in 2023

According to the Morningstar PitchBook Global Unicorn Vertical Indexes, the value of cybersecurity unicorns grew 24.3% and AI unicorns grew 22.9%.

Meet the most active investors in Canadian startups

Canada is home to some of the biggest startups in the VC ecosystem. These are the 10 most active investors in Canadian startups according to PitchBook data.

Corporate influence over generative AI deals irks some VCs

Corporate investors are pouring huge sums into generative AI startups, rankling traditional VCs who are getting squeezed out of deals as they contend with soaring valuations and onerous deal terms.

IPO Watchlist: The AI and machine learning startups most likely to go public

These are the 10 AI and machine learning unicorns most likely to go public, according to PitchBook’s VC Exit Predictor.

Neuralink implantation marks milestone for startups in $8B neurotechnology vertical

The achievement, coupled with Musk’s high profile, could boost interest in the neurotechnology vertical.

China outpaces US in backing chip startups

Chinese chip startups have a financial lead over international rivals, despite US efforts to spur more domestic involvement in the semiconductor space.

4 charts: 2023’s VC investor pullback

Following one of the most challenging years for startups and VCs, we chart the effects of the investor exodus.

Why generative AI orchestration startups are poised for growth in 2024

As companies race to bring generative AI to enterprises and consumers, orchestration startups are eyeing unicorn status as they lower barriers to development and deployment.

NFX’s Beller hears echoes of crypto in generative AI fever

NFX general partner Morgan Beller talks about the similarities she sees between generative AI and cryptocurrency’s trajectories.

Meet the investors insuring insurtech’s future

In Q3, VC investment in insurtech startups rose 53% quarter-over-quarter, reversing a downward trajectory that began in 2021.

Timeline: Generative AI’s explosive 2023

Generative AI ruled the venture and tech landscapes in 2023, capturing investors’ attention. Poised for an even bigger 2024, let’s look back at how the vertical dominated.

Andreessen Horowitz’s $415M Mistral investment rounds out AI strategy

One of the most prolific investors in Silicon Valley is rounding out its AI strategy by backing an open-source large language model creator.