James Thorne

Senior Editor

James Thorne is a Seattle-based senior editor covering venture capital at PitchBook. He previously reported for GeekWire, Reuters, CNBC and Source Media. A native of Colorado, James graduated from Boston College and received his master’s degree in business journalism from New York University.


SoftBank Vision Fund Dashboard

SoftBank’s Vision Funds posted a $4 billion gain in the latest quarter, helped by the strong performance of Bytedance and a run by public tech stocks.

Major league investors: Private equity’s pro sports ties

PE has emerged as a major financier of major league sports. We mapped every connection between buyout firms and pro sports teams.

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PitchBook analysts weigh in with predictions for what’s in store for fundraising in 2024.

Every PE connection to Europe’s top football clubs

Investors have pushed into the niche asset class, snapping up stakes in multiple teams at a time when many clubs are in financial straits from pandemic-era losses.

PitchBook Universities: Female founders edition

Female startup founders face well-documented challenges in their entrepreneurial journeys, and attending a university with a strong network of venture-backed founders is one strategy to improve the odds of success.

PitchBook Universities: Europe’s top schools ranked by startup founders

As Europe has grown as a breeding ground for innovative tech startups, its universities have risen to the challenge of educating tomorrow’s founders.

Instacart’s IPO price target delivers startups a dose of reality

The price range makes one fact obvious: Revenue multiples of formerly VC-backed companies have cratered.

PitchBook Universities: Top 100 colleges ranked by startup founders

PitchBook’s annual list compares undergraduate and graduate programs by tallying up the number of startup founders among their alumni.

5 big trends shaping VC investing today

The loss of crossover investors and dismal fund performance are reminders that investors and LPs may continue to look elsewhere for returns.

Venture debt deals decline 38%, led by SVB’s core market

The earliest stages of the startup world have seen the sharpest contraction in venture lending.

VC finds its footing as headwinds weaken

The venture capital market has started to stabilize after a sharp correction that began last year.

First Republic deposits stabilize after $102B flight

First Republic Bank’s brutal earnings hold a silver lining for the banking crisis. The stabilization of withdrawals suggests limited risks of further banking contagion.

SVB rescue: Depositors to get money back under US backstop

After a mad scramble for cash, founders and investors are breathing a sigh of relief.

Quiz: Did you follow private markets in 2022?

2022 brought drama galore to the private investment landscape. Our quiz has the highlights, the lowlights and everything in between.

Come one, come all: Crypto’s wild ride in 2022

Bitcoin fell more than 60%. Crypto kings were dethroned. Tens of billions of dollars in value vanished from investors’ funds. What went wrong?

Nuclear fusion need not apply: Planet-saving tech is ready to scale

Venture investors say the primary challenge for climate-tech startups is no longer deep-tech breakthroughs. It’s time to build.

Is it time to thin the unicorn herd?

The population of unicorns, which symbolizes a fantasy of perpetual growth, may soon shrink.

FTX post-mortem: Revisiting signs that all was not right

In retrospect, details about FTX and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s spending habits raise questions about what investors knew and how they justified FTX’s behavior.

FTX fire sale to Binance threatens to rock crypto investor confidence

Crypto exchange Binance’s conditional agreement to buy rival FTX is the latest upheaval in the battered crypto sector and a threat to venture investors that have placed bets on the industry.

University endowments are at a crossroads

A year ago, university endowments were basking in bumper returns. Now, they’re facing their worst performance since the financial crisis.

PitchBook Universities: Top 100 colleges ranked by startup founders

PitchBook’s annual list compares undergraduate and graduate programs by tallying up the number of startup founders among their alumni.

Four takeaways from the 2022 PitchBook university rankings

The 2022 PitchBook university rankings are out now. Here are some of the key takeaways from the new data.

Musk’s Twitter acquisition is largest take-private since 2016

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, which closed on Oct. 27, is the largest take-private deal since 2016.

Reporter’s notebook: Tech’s signature optimism is alive and well

The startup world has experienced a sudden dip from funding euphoria. But the shoot-for-the-moon attitude has barely waned.

As crypto deals slow, a16z’s Chris Dixon shifts to accelerator reboot, regulations

General partner Chris Dixon says Andreessen Horowitz is rebooting its accelerator program for crypto entrepreneurs and concentrating on lobbying efforts for crypto regulation.

Corporate VCs keep writing checks as other ‘tourists’ cool on startups

CVCs were involved in more than a quarter of US VC deals in 2022, the highest participation rate this decade.

Venture capital’s record dry powder has its limits

Will dry powder save startups from a capital drought? Definitely maybe.