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Priyamvada Mathur writes about venture capital at PitchBook.

She is an Indian chartered accountant and has studied economics and journalism.


Ratio of VC deals to exits reaches ‘unsustainable’ levels

It has been a regrettable year for venture exits so far. The VC industry secured around 15 funding deals for every exit as of Q3 2022.

Space tech aims for the stars with VC’s continued funding

The race to monetize space is showing no signs of slowing down as global space-tech startups raise more than $6 billion so far in 2022.

Q3 US venture capital trends in five charts

Deal activity across all stages recorded signs of distress, and investors dealt with lack of liquidity in the public markets.

Govtech startups reimagine software for a post-pandemic future

A new crop of govtech startups are seeking to transform public services and improve citizen satisfaction.

Down rounds help VC-backed founders shift growth expectations

VC-backed companies that have taken on a down round are likely to continue on the path to growth—including raising new rounds and restructuring via buyout exits.

The 10 most active supply chain tech investors

Tiger Global, SoftBank and Sequoia are among the most active investors in supply chain tech mega-deals.

FF Venture Capital launches Ukraine-focused fund

New York-based FF Venture Capital has announced its $50 million Blue & Yellow Heritage Fund to invest in startups led by Ukrainian founders.

Meet the Israeli startups running the global race for cultivated meat

Israel accounted for nearly a quarter of global venture dollars for cultivated meat startups in 2021.

Glass half full: VCs have reasons to be optimistic amid valuation declines

GPs are poised to capitalize on valuation declines, robust fundraising and a sharp increase in startups’ demand for capital in 2022.

Saudi Arabia’s startup investment poised to set new record

Venture-backed startups in Saudi Arabia have been bolstered by a confluence of favorable trends in recent years including low interest rates, increasing urbanization, demand for online groceries, pro-business reforms and a sharp rise in oil revenues.

‘Tourist’ investors are still paying high prices for early-stage startups

As the momentum for late-stage companies falters, nontraditional venture capital firms like corporate VCs and mutual funds continue to have an appetite for high-priced, early-stage startups.

The 10 most active fintech VC investors

Tiger Global is the most active among late-stage investors. See who else made the list.

Who are the most active VC investors in femtech?

Here are the most active global femtech VC investors by deal count since 2017.

US VC exit activity retracts to pre-pandemic levels

VC-backed exit value in the US reached $48.8 billion in the first half of 2022—just 6% of last year’s record exit value.

US venture capital trends in five charts

In the second quarter of 2022, VC investors took a more cautious dealmaking approach to navigate the impact of the public market slowdown on their industry.

How much do investors get paid? An inside look at compensation trends

Investor pay packages have become more generous overall in recent years, but the picture varies across roles, according to a recent J.Thelander-PitchBook survey.

2022 half-year update: Female founders remain resilient

During the first half of 2022, US startups with one or more female founders raised $20.8 billion of venture funding.

VC fund returns nosedive as private market pessimism grows

For years, venture funds have posted the highest returns of any alternative asset class—handily besting private equity, real estate, private debt and real assets.

Ongoing energy crisis fuels strong 2022 for climate tech companies

Climate tech startups had a strong start to the year and could draw sustained interest as the ongoing energy crisis spurs investment in green technologies.

PitchBook News Quiz: June 3, 2022

Did you follow the markets this week? Take the PitchBook News Quiz to see how you stack up.

Investor-protective deal terms may keep down rounds at bay

Venture-backed companies will likely see a rebound in investor-protective deal terms in 2022.

US venture capital valuation trends in four charts

Here’s a look at four key trends from our Q1 US VC Valuations report that depict how deal sizes and valuations are reacting to market headwinds, rising interest rates, geopolitical tensions and more.

Five charts that show fintech investment trends in Q1

Here’s a breakdown of several noteworthy trends in the fintech industry during Q1, according to our latest Emerging Tech Research report on the sector.

Late-stage VC investment lags despite record deal count

Stock market declines are dampening enthusiasm for supersized startup deals, but elsewhere in the late-stage market, investors are finding plenty to get excited about.

US micro-funds play to their strengths in 2021

As the popularity of seed deals grows in the US, so does the number of micro-funds, providing LPs, firms and startups with unique strategies in the venture market.

Mapping Africa’s growing venture capital landscape

The rise in demand for fintech innovation and influx of foreign investors have propelled Africa to continue its blistering pace of VC dealmaking from last year.

Q1 US venture capital trends in five charts

The first quarter of 2022 showed signs of a slowdown for US venture dealmaking and exits compared to the record highs of 2021.