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M&A Report

1Q 2017

M&A Report

April 25, 2017

M&A Report
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2016 saw an astonishing surge in overall M&A value, setting a new record across North America and Europe, even while deal volume lowered. Thus far, however, M&A in 2017 has ebbed even further. Looking at overall M&A, however, significant disparity in the range of prices companies are able to command is evident, as the average transaction size boomed to no less than $521.7 million in 1Q 2017. 

The 1Q 2017 M&A Report dives into M&A datasets covering North America and Europe that include more than 100,000 completed deals since 2010. The report also spotlights several key sectors, uncovering key factors from cyclical trends such as retail's ongoing disruption to consolidation in IT.

Report highlights:

  • M&A deal value hits a new high mean of nearly $522 million, even after a high of $503.4 million in the final quarter of 2016
  • Slowing volume amid high prices speak to ample supplies of financing and more measured approach to acquisitions
  • Deal multiples broken out on a geographic basis, across North America, the US and the EU