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Global PE & VC Fund Benchmarking: Part I


Global PE & VC Fund Benchmarking: Part I

March 15, 2017

A critical tool in the arsenal of limited and general partners, benchmarking a given fund's performance against the playing field provides useful insight throughout the fund's lifecycle. Particularly in the current climate, where many expect fund returns to only tighten going forward, staying apprised of industry standards is crucial.

Covering over a decade's worth of comprehensive fund returns, PitchBook's Global PE & VC Fund Benchmarking Report offers insight into the current investment and fundraising landscape. Sponsored by Donnelley Financial Solutions, the report analyzes net cash flows for both private equity and venture capital asset classes, as well as fund performance metrics such as DPI and TVPI multiples. With detailed analysis of how funds from different vintages have performed over the past few years, the report includes the latest, complete datasets available in order to provide a holistic background to current dealmaking trends.

Report Highlights Include: 

  • KS-PME horizon benchmarks by vintage for both VC & PE funds
  • Analysis of PE fund performance in the B2B sector
  • Global PE & VC cash flows
  • Multiple metrics on fund performance, from IRR quartiles to horizon IRRs by fund size