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France & Benelux Private Capital Report


France & Benelux Private Capital Report

June 24, 2020

France & Benelux Private Capital Report
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The first full-length report from PitchBook dedicated to private capital trends in the France & Benelux region is now available, examining complete industry cycles from dealmaking to exits to fundraising. Broken into two primary sections focusing on private equity and venture capital, the report details key trends such as:
  • How recent economic and fiscal developments have affected PE buyout activity across the region
  • The surge in bolt-ons as a favored strategy on the part of dealmakers
  • Which sectors could actually stand to see their exit value proportions rise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How late-stage capital infusions have transformed the domestic venture ecosystem, and how that maturation may be transformed by the knock-on effects of the pandemic
  • Fundraising forecasts in light of geopolitical events such as the closure of Brexit negotiations