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Global M&A Report

2021 Annual

Global M&A Report

January 26, 2022

Global M&A rockets to nearly $5T in 2021

Global M&A flourished in 2021, as the unprecedented depth, breadth and velocity of the market sent total deal value past $4.9 trillion. The growing number of public companies, which are more acquisitive than their private counterparts, reverses a nearly 20-year trend and bodes well for future M&A activity.

Our 2021 Annual Global M&A Report, sponsored by Liberty GTS, breaks down the trends driving last year's records and explores the headwinds that might shape the market in the months to come.

Key takeaways
  • Economic resurgence paved the way for record activity in both North America and Europe, with aggregate deal value at $2.8 trillion and $1.8 trillion, respectively.
  • Healthcare M&A activity continued its multiyear growth trajectory, with the sector's largest deals underscoring the shift of healthcare IT toward cloud integration.
  • Despite the sustained recovery in oil prices, energy dealmaking recovered only modestly, as the industry grappled with factors such as fuel shortages and the global energy transition.
  • Tech ended the year at a frenetic pace, with deal value up more than 50% over 2020, yet looming regulatory scrutiny could complicate future dealmaking in the industry.

This report was sponsored by Liberty GTS. Interested in sponsoring future editions of this report? Visit our media partnerships page to learn more.

Table of contents
Executive summary 2
Overview 4
Liberty GTS: Emerging Trends 8
European M&A 10
Business products & services 12
Consumer products & services 13
Energy 14
Financial services 15
Healthcare 16
Information technology 17
Materials & resources 18