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Venture Capital Rundown?uq=2zON1W4M

3Q 2013

Venture Capital Rundown

July 17, 2013

Venture Capital Rundown?uq=2zON1W4M
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Taking a close look at recent venture capital activity, PitchBook has released its 3Q 2013 Venture Capital Rundown. Powered by the PitchBook Platform, this report utilizes the deepest, most thorough VC intelligence available to analyze deal flow, investment trends and exit activity, as well as provide an overview of the recent quarter’s fundraising.

Special highlights include:

• Top cities for VC investment in 2Q 2013
• VC deal flow by stage, industry and region
• Pre-money valuations by stage and industry
• Exits by quarter and exit type
• Fundraising by quarter and fund size
• 2Q 2013 League Tables