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Fintech Analyst Note: Asset Management?uq=3Oe4kK1Z

3Q 2017

Fintech Analyst Note: Asset Management

August 4, 2017

Fintech Analyst Note: Asset Management?uq=3Oe4kK1Z
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Here's the latest entry in PitchBook's continuing research of the fintech space, with this analyst note providing an update on the most important trends within asset management.

Key takeaways: 

  • An ecosystem has emerged around low-cost retail tools as inexpensive and tax-efficient ETFs have enabled a new generation of roboadvisors expanding financial advice beyond the mass affluent and middle class.
  • The availability of alternative data has allowed hedge fund managers to reinvent themselves as “quantamental”, incorporating new machine learning tools into fundamental human analysis as the industry faces scrutiny over high fees and underperformance.
  • A second wave of personal savings and investment tools have begun to further democratize access to financial services to previously underserved segments.