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Fintech Report

Q2 2022

Fintech Report

August 3, 2022

Report re-uploaded on September 27, 2022, to correct the data in a table.

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Fintech investment simmers down in Q2

On the heels of a breakthrough year for fintech investment, VC activity in the sector is simmering down. In Q2 2022, VC investment in fintech companies fell 17.8% from the previous quarter, the largest percentage drop since Q3 2018. Exits have also stalled as IPO activity grinds to a halt, and analysts expect fintech startups will attract the attention of incumbents looking for M&A opportunities.

Our latest Emerging Tech Research update on fintech explores VC trends in the sector and highlights emerging opportunities in DeFi lending and non-dilutive startup financing. The report also includes a comprehensive market map of key players across each fintech subsegment and takes a closer look at companies including Percent, Parafin, OpenNode and Celo.

Table of contents
Vertical overview 3
Q2 2022 timeline 4
Fintech landscape 5
Fintech VC ecosystem market map 6
VC activity 8
Emerging opportunities 17
On-chain credit protocols 18
Non-dilutive financing for startups 21
Select company highlights 23
Percent 24
Parafin 26
OpenNode 28
Celo 30