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Emerging Tech Research: Agtech

Q3 2021

Emerging Tech Research: Agtech

December 8, 2021

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VCs keep agtech growing bigger and better

COVID-19 highlighted the challenges of feeding the world in a crisis while minimizing the environmental impact of agriculture. Venture funding for agtech startups hit a quarterly record of $3.2 billion in Q3 2021—boosting annual deal values to $7.8 billion YTD, which already eclipses 2020’s total by more than 20%.

Our latest installment of Emerging Tech Research digs into major trends that shaped this space globally in Q3, including increased concern for food security amid supply chain disruptions, data-enabled crop productivity gains, and environmentally friendly agricultural techniques.

Key takeaways

  • More VC-backed companies are sprouting up to offer ag biologicals, environmentally friendly alternatives to synthetic fertilizers.
  • Emerging techniques are providing more complete measurements of soil health. Agronomists can glean insights from in-field sensors and hyperspectral imaging using drones, planes, or satellites.
  • Carbon farming, or capturing atmospheric carbon in soil and crop roots, can help combat climate change while encouraging sustainable farming practices.

Table of contents
Vertical overview 3
Q3 2021 timeline 5
Agtech VC ecosystem market map 6
VC activity 8
Emerging opportunities 19
Biochemicals 20
Soil measurement and carbon farming 23
Select company highlights 26
DeHaat 27
Iron Ox 29