Morningstar Institutional Equity Research

Morningstar Institutional Equity Research

Morningstar, PitchBook’s parent company, is a leading provider of independent investment research. The equity research team at Morningstar provides fundamental valuations, ratings and analysis on more than 1,500 public companies worldwide.

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Independent and unbiased

Without trading or banking revenues, Morningstar is wholly dependent on adding value through its sought-after research coverage. The team’s independent approach ensures that analysts remain conflict-free and able to express objective insights—whether they be positive or negative. Every investment conclusion reached by our analysts is made with the end investor’s interest in mind.

Differentiated and unique methodology

The Morningstar research team analyzes industries and businesses with a focus on identifying sustainable competitive advantages—or economic moats. Those insights are used to forecast future cash flows. Once analysts have done their work on moat and valuation, they allow for fluctuations in market pricing and sentiment to surface or illuminate investment opportunities. The wider the moat, the higher their conviction.

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Global coverage

The team’s global coverage uses the same consistent research framework in every region where their analysts evaluate investments. When looking across geographies, their approach makes it quick and easy to expand your sights into new territories and countries.

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