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Product Release

Facilitate better teamwork and processes with My Fields from PitchBook

My Fields enables PitchBook clients to manage their own data alongside PitchBook’s rich datasets.

Efficient collaboration is essential for teams trying to do their best work. That’s why releasing new toolsets focused on empowering PitchBook clients to do better collaborative work has always been a priority for our team from, Workspaces to collaborative lists and searches, market maps and beyond.

PitchBook’s new My Fields feature is a continuation of our commitment to facilitate expansive collaboration—within organizations and on teams of all shapes and sizes across the global capital market landscape.

We know that downloading docs from lightweight CRMs, juggling multiple platforms, importing and exporting data and merging spreadsheets can feel tedious and disjointed. Our customers want efficient workflows that live directly at the source of their data. My Fields bridges this gap by enabling PitchBook users to add custom information directly into the PitchBook Platform. With My Fields, our clients can create fields and columns in-platform for things like statuses, tags, pipeline management and more, eliminating timely manual processes.

Using My Fields, our clients can:

  • Enhance their workflows by creating, editing and removing custom fields within advanced searches, lists, profiles and more
  • Distill an extensive platform search into a manageable list with custom categories and labels
  • Better manage their deal sourcing and business development pipelines

My Fields’ privacy settings allow you to create a space where you can select who has access to the custom fields you’ve created. Those privacy settings can be set to just you, your collaborators or your entire firm. Additionally, no one outside your organization will have access to any information entered through My Fields, including PitchBook employees.

My Fields FAQ

Can I export my custom fields out of PitchBook?

You can export your custom fields from PitchBook when you view them in screeners.

To begin, click Download in the upper right corner of your search results, and select the option for download to Excel. Once the download to Excel window opens, choose one of the following download templates from the template drop-down menu:

  • Search result columns
  • All columns
  • My layout (choose any of your saved layouts, including custom fields)

Do My Fields support a connection with the Excel Plugin?

Clients will be able to include My Fields in downloads, but pulling My Fields in from the plugin is not supported in the first release.

Is there a limit to the number of fields I can create?

There’s no limit on the number of fields PitchBook clients can create, as long as their privacy settings are set to “Only Me” and “Collaborative.” For “My Firm” fields, there is a limit of 20.

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