Global League Tables

2019 Annual Interactive Global League Tables

February 20, 2020
PitchBook's 2019 Annual Global League Tables in full are below, presented in a brand-new, interactive format. Although PDFs are ubiquitous across finance, they are severely limiting when it comes to listing out the most active investors and service providers in great detail. At PitchBook, we always strive to find new and hopefully better ways to present useful data, so we have created an interactive set of tables so you can more easily navigate the full rankings or find the specific table you want more swiftly. Otherwise, the full rankings as we usually present are here for your perusal, from the most active VCs by US region to the most active law firms in private equity buyouts to the most prolific PE firms when it comes to add-ons. 

Let us know your thoughts on this new format by reaching out to, or by contacting—we welcome your feedback!

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