How CEO pay at tech and biotech companies varies across the US

March 4, 2020
Anecdotally, the dissemination of venture capital beyond just a heavy concentration in Silicon Valley is a well-told story by now—and the data drives the point home.

The Bay Area garnered a decade-low percentage of annual US VC deal flow in 2019, according to the latest PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor, and its share of deal value was the lowest since 2013.

To some degree, regional parity is also evident when looking at CEO compensation at VC-backed tech and biotech companies, as seen in new data from compensation data provider J.Thelander Consulting, whose latest Private Company Compensation Survey closes this week.

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Hover over the map to see the regional data, which covers median total cash compensation for 2019 (desktop viewing recommended):
The fluctuation for tech CEOs is relatively mild—from a low of $238,500 in the Pacific Northwest to a high of $291,190 in the Midwest—indicating location doesn't have a strong impact on compensation at the highest ranks.

For biotech CEOs, the figures vary a bit more, though the deviation from around $400,000 is more noticeable within regions with fewer respondents (e.g., less than 20).

"The unique nature of the CEO role and the limited pool of candidates with that skill set negates any geographic differences on compensation," NEA partner Melissa Taunton wrote in an email. "We see parity nationwide on both cash comp and equity. Whether a company is in Utah, Minnesota or California, they are competing for a select group of the same candidates for CEO roles."

For information on how to get specific compensation data on private companies or investment firms, contact Thelander directly.

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