Racehorses & unitortoises: Visualizing the outliers among US unicorns

April 27, 2018 View comment (1)

There are currently 135 private companies throughout the US valued at more than $1 billion, companies otherwise known as "unicorns." Since the beginning of 2014, US-based unicorns have taken an average of about five to seven years to earn their horns.

However, over the past two decades, several companies have defied the odds, garnering sky-high valuations in as little as two years. Several others, on the other hand, have taken their sweet time.

In our interactive graphic, we've highlighted 10 US companies that entered the unicorn club in record time—the "racehorses" of the herd. We've also included the 10 companies that spent the largest number of years working toward unicorn status—those considered "unitortoises."

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