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See who’s leading the charge in backing female-founders. And who has work to do.

Since 2006, female-founded companies have secured an average of 16.8% of VC deals. Which firms are investing above and below that average?

What’s the best way to identify the top investors in female-founded companies?

To answer that question, we published a list of US-based VC firms ranked by the number of investments completed in startups with at least one female founder since 2006. But that list failed to highlight firms whose portfolios contained mostly female-founded companies.

To present a more accurate view, we’ve updated our former list with fresh data and added another metric: percent of investments in female-founded companies. We’ve also put together an entirely new list that ranks US VC firms by percent of investments rather than deal count.

While viewing the lists, keep in mind that the average percent of deals for female-founded companies since 2006 is 16.8%. While some of these firms are investing above that 12-year average, there are others that definitely have more work to do.

Top investors in female-founded companies by deal count

Top investors in female-founded companies by percent of deals

Note: Accelerators have not been included. Both lists include data from 2006 to the present and feature only firms that have closed at least 25 overall deals in that time span. Due to the chosen methodology for these rankings, younger firms that have been actively investing in female-founded companies but have not completed 25 deals were at a disadvantage. We omitted companies with no known female founders from firms’ investment counts.

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    Written by Kate Clark
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