Startup Graveyard 2018: 12 failed companies, $1.4B in VC funding, only one Theranos

October 23, 2018
In the venture capital history books, 2018 will go down as the year Theranos officially took its last breath. 

The blood-testing business, which had been in a downward spiral since a 2015 Wall Street Journal investigation revealed the company was built on fraudulent claims, officially closed down in early September. It's one of the most high-profile startup shutdowns in history, partly because the company had soared to a $9 billion valuation and partly because reporters uncovered that its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, had essentially conned investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars by claiming her technology could conduct comprehensive blood tests through a single finger prick. 

Theranos may be the most infamous company to close this year, but it's certainly not the only business to shut its doors. Here's a look at some of the VC-backed companies that have gone out of business so far in 2018, using funding and valuation info compiled from the PitchBook Platform. Click on a logo below to learn more.


Some of the funding and valuation information above is estimated. 

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