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Startup nation: The most valuable VC-backed company in each US state [interactive graphic]

To highlight startups based outside Silicon Valley, we’ve put together an updated map of the US that features the most valuable VC-backed company in each state.

Nine of the 10 most valuable VC-backed companies in the US are in California—and the other one is in New York. This lack of geographic diversity isn’t surprising, but it does mean the other 40-plus states and regions don’t always get a lot of attention from the tech community.

To highlight startups in the rest of the country, we’ve put together a clickable map using data from the PitchBook Platform. It features the most valuable VC-backed company in each state, as well as Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico. We published a version of this map back in October; it has been updated with current data. We’ve also added a layer highlighting the amount of capital invested in each state during 2017.

Hover over any state on the map to see the current valuation and headquarters of its most valuable startup. Click on the state to pull up the corresponding PitchBook company profile.


Some of the valuations above are estimated.
Two companies have been omitted. Outcome Health of Illinois and Mozido of Texas reached $5.5 billion and $2.4 billion valuations, respectively, with their most recent equity rounds. But due to troubles at each company, it’s unlikely they’ve retained those valuations.

*Alaska does not have any startups with valuation data available. For that state, we’ve featured the company with the most equity funding.

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    Written by Dana Olsen

    Dana Olsen was a senior writer at PitchBook, covering all things venture capital. She has a BA from UC Santa Barbara and a JD from Loyola Law School.

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