The current state of U.S. private equity in 10 charts

January 29, 2016

The buyout cycle has begun to slow, and last year was a turning point.

Our recently released 2015 Annual U.S. PE Breakdown is a thorough recap of all the private equity trends you need to know, covering dealmaking activity, deal multiples & debt levels, exits, fundraising and more. But not everyone has the time to read through a packed 20-page report, so we pulled 10 of the top charts featured in the breakdown for a visual summary of U.S. private equity last year. 

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1. U.S. PE activity by year

2014 may well remain a peak for some time 

2. U.S. add-on % of buyout activity

Add-ons hit a record percentage of total buyout activity last year

3. U.S. PE deals ($) by deal size

Mega-deals came back in a big way in 2015, resurging to proportions unseen for years

4. Median EBITDA multiples for U.S. buyouts

Multiples slid last year, but competition for quality could slow the decline

5. U.S. PE exits by year

2015 closed at a new high for total value of PE-backed exits, an immense $321 billion

6. Median U.S. exit size ($M) by type and year

At $240M, corporate buyers were happy to pay up in 2015

7. U.S. PE investment-to-exit ratio by year

The 1.7x ratio demonstrates just how much of a seller’s market 2015 was

8. Time to close U.S. PE funds (months)

LP interest in PE vehicles remains quite high

9. Median U.S. fund size ($M)

Fund sizes hint at more targeted strategies and plentiful dry powder

10. U.S. PE funds (#) hitting their target

Fundraisers are picking their targets more carefully


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