Plamena Malinova


Plamena Malinova is a copywriter on PitchBook’s brand and creative team based in New York City, where she writes about global capital markets topics ranging from VC, PE, and M&A to university endowments and agtech. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from The New School and a journalism and newswriting certificate from New York University.


Private equity vs. venture capital: What’s the difference?

Private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) are two major subsets of a larger, complex financial landscape knowns as the private markets. But how are PE and VC different? Find out the unique characteristics of each, see how they work together, and discover examples of PE and VC companies.

Deal sourcing guide: Find the right investment opportunities

Learn how you can use PitchBook to inform your investment strategy, find companies in your target sector that are primed for funding or acquisition and accurately gauge a company’s growth.

What is Agtech: Everything you need to know

Agtech, or agriculture technology, seeks to improve farm management through indoor farming, ag biotech and other evolving segments.

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What is synergy in M&A?

M&A practitioners must conduct meticulous due diligence to justify successful deal execution. Capturing deal synergies is a key part of this practice.

How MaRS leverages PitchBook to grow Canada’s most promising startups

MaRS Discovery District accelerates high-growth startups and entrepreneurs by offering access to experiential workshops, capital and PR, detailed market intelligence, networking events, startup conferences, and expert mentorship.

What is liquidity?

How quickly can an investor turn an asset or security into liquidity? In this blog, we examine the obstacles to and importance of achieving liquidity.

What are the benefits and risks of international dealmaking?

While international investments and deals continue to drive economic growth, they come with unique risks and rewards for investors.

Top 10 VC deals by size in PitchBook’s venture growth stage

In this article, we take a look at the largest late-stage VC deals as defined by Pitchbook’s new methodology: Venture Growth stage.

What is capital structure and how does it work?

Understanding the dynamics of debt and equity and their role in the capital structure is an essential part of any investor’s toolkit.

Due diligence: How to vet companies and investors

Due diligence is more than just a financial audit, it is an investigation into the many different parts of a company. It will evaluate the many risk factors that pertain to an investment.

Top university endowments by assets under management

In this article, we take a closer look at the top 10 university endowments in the world and their returns for FY22 during a time of ongoing market uncertainty

Top 6 most active PE firms in Denmark by number of investments

These are the top-performing Danish private equity firms since 2020 by number of investments, including Axcel Management, Polaris Private Equity, and more.

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How do GPs create private equity funds? This blog provides insight into private equity fund structures including a private equity fundraising checklist and due diligence process

Top 10 VC firms investing in NFTs

A list of the top ten VC firms investing in NFTs in the last two years.

Top 10 PE agtech deals by deal size

In this blog post, we look at the top 10 PE agtech deals by deal size in the last five years.

How university endowments invest in the capital markets

How does an academic endowment fund work? This blog explores the evolution of college endowments, their investment frameworks and structures.

Quiz: How are VCs feeling about the investment landscape and emerging tech in 2022?

In partnership with Collision, we surveyed 105 VCs about investing, emerging tech and more. See how attuned to their sentiment you are.

Precision agriculture and the transformation of sustainable farming

Why is precision agriculture important? This blog explores the role of precision agriculture within the broader agtech market, defining its use cases and technologies.

Emerging space: Modular construction

Learn about modular construction’s top investors and trending companies, including Mighty Buildings and Boxabl.