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Keep tabs on the markets, companies and people you care about

Save time and streamline your workflow with tools that alert you to any changes.

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Kickstart collaboration across your team with Workspaces

Efficient collaboration is key to getting any project across the finish line. With Workspaces, teams and individuals can get and stay organized, communicate more effectively, create hubs for project-relevant files and reports and gather insights from PitchBook analysts—all from within the platform.

Kickstart collaboration across your team with Workspaces
Stay on top of any changes in the market

Stay on top of any changes in the market

Get customized email alerts when things change within the companies or markets you care about. If a new company pops up that fits your investment preferences, a professional connection changes jobs, or a competitor makes an acquisition, you’ll be the first to know.

Follow the activity in your space closely with
custom alerts

Saved lists

Save a static list of entities from an advanced search and set custom email alerts so you're notified when they undergo changes.

Saved searches

Save a set of search criteria and set custom alerts to see when new companies enter your market or when a competitor closes a deal, for example.

History tab

Find a complete list of your recent activity, from advanced searches to company profiles, and seamlessly pick up where you left off right from the left-hand sidebar.

Securely store your notes and files—from pitch decks to contracts

Securely store your notes and files—from pitch decks to contracts

Our notes tool lets you easily review internal docs or jot down thoughts on companies, people and deals right within PitchBook profiles. Notes and files are visible across teams, enabling you to share your work, get up to speed or see if coworkers have made headway on a transaction.

Build better documentation together

Build better documentation together

Share and collaborate on saved lists, searches and custom market maps so you and your team can work more efficiently. Invite any user on your account and control how they interact with shared resources, including edit and view permissions.

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Access thousands of unique market size estimates

Access thousands of unique market size estimates

Spend less time scouring search engines and more time understanding the markets you’re researching. Access 120K+ unique estimates across 30K+ markets, curate lists based on geography, source or publish date and download presentation-ready visuals.

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Integrate PitchBook into your workflow

Excel plugin

Leverage one of our 30 pre-built templates to build models faster, create custom charts and update them quickly.

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CRM integration

Take your existing CRM to the next level by integrating our data. Identify new leads or refresh existing accounts with ease.

Learn more about CRM integration.

Direct data

Seamlessly integrate our data into your internal systems—whether it's a database you build in-house or a name brand CRM.

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PowerPoint integration

Save time and keep presentations fresh with best-in-class data seamlessly piped between PitchBook, Excel and PowerPoint.

Learn more about PowerPoint integration.

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