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Explore the private markets’ disruptive sectors with Emerging Technology Research from PitchBook

Created with investors and advisors in mind, PitchBook’s new premium Emerging Technology Research provides original, comprehensive assessments of disruptive sectors such as fintech, mobility, machine learning, foodtech, and blockchain, among others.

As the speed of innovation increases, a complex landscape filled with technologies, companies and markets will become even more nuanced and competitive. With that in mind, it’s crucial for investment bankers, corporate development groups, private equity and venture capital firms, and other financial services professionals to have access to expert analysis on new industries, verticals, sectors, and companies.

Created with investors and advisors in mind, PitchBook’s new premium Emerging Technology Research reports provide original, comprehensive coverage of disruptive sectors. These 12 sectors include:

Available to PitchBook customers and informed by our platform’s incomparable data, this research is developed by PitchBook’s Institutional Research Group—a provider of research services that brings insights, trends and forecasts to the private capital markets. New Emerging Tech Research highlighting additional emerging technologies will be available on a rolling basis, and existing reports will be refreshed every quarter to reflect shifts in those new industries.

PitchBook’s Emerging Technology Research reports help our customers better segment and size markets, understand company and investor landscapes, evaluate opportunities and develop conviction around the growth trajectories of emerging industries. To better equip industry professionals with the tools needed to navigate the opaque markets their firms operate within, each Emerging Technology Research report dives deep into the following:

  • Sector and sub-segment market size forecasts
  • Business model utilization analysis
  • Sector key performance indicators
  • Key industry drivers
  • Company and investor ecosystems (market maps)
  • Industry outlooks
  • Opportunity and risk assessments
  • Value chain analysis
  • Direct access to the analysts behind the work

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To access the latest Emerging Technology Research, download previews of recent reports. Already a PitchBook customer? Log in for access to all Emerging Tech Research reports