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Startup nation of women: The most valuable VC-backed company led by a woman in each state

Using PitchBook data, we’ve created an interactive map showing each US state’s most valuable VC-backed company that’s female-founded or led by a female entrepreneur.

With more than three months to go, 2019 is already turning out to be an inspirational year for women entrepreneurs working toward closing the gender gap in VC. As of the end of August, companies founded solely by women have garnered around $2.4 billion of VC dollars in the US in 2019, on pace to surpass last year's decade-high of $3 billion, according to the latest update from PitchBook's VC Female Founders Dashboard.

News out of the major metros, such as mega-rounds of New York-based companies Glossier and Rent the Runway and a unicorn IPO of Bay Area-based The RealReal, have grabbed their fair share of headlines. But even though these locations are home to the lion's share of VC activity, their success isn't the whole story. In much of the country, female entrepreneurs may face not only challenges specific to women, but also the added difficulties of fewer funding opportunities or the lack of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Still, women around the country are succeeding in their goals of building valuable companies. We've created a map showing the most valuable VC-backed company led by a female entrepreneur in each state and the District of Columbia, per PitchBook data. Hover over each state to see HQ location and funding information for its most valuable company, including the names of female founder(s) and/or CEO. When no valuation data was available for a state, we included the company with the most total VC funding.


Some of the valuations above are estimated. In addition, New York-based Vice, which reached a reported valuation of $5.7 billion with its most recent funding, has been omitted. Due to troubles at the company, it's unlikely that is has retained that valuation.

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    Written by Priyamvada Mathur
    Priyamvada Mathur writes about venture capital at PitchBook.

    She is an Indian chartered accountant and has studied economics and journalism.
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