Anthony Mirhaydari

Senior Writer

Anthony Mirhaydari was a senior financial writer at PitchBook, covering the intersection of private markets activity (VC, PE and M&A) with public markets and the broader economy. He has more than a decade of experience in the financial space, covering everything from earnings activity to geo-politics.

Prior to joining PitchBook, Anthony was a financial columnist for CBS News and MSN Money, Microsoft’s financial news portal. Previously, he was a business consulting analyst with Moss Adams LLP focusing on the financial services industry. He holds a BA in Business Administration (finance specialty) from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, graduating magna cum laude with distinction.

Articles by Anthony Mirhaydari

Smarter cities: How private markets are reshaping the urban landscape

As the global population grows and urbanization intensifies, cities must become more efficient and sustainable, and the private markets are helping to drive this transformation.

Musk threatens to take Tesla private at $420 a share

The saga surrounding Tesla entered an exciting new chapter on Tuesday when CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce he was considering taking the company private at $420 with “Funding secured.”

KKR warns new ‘playbook’ needed, cuts VC exposure

According to KKR’s latest economic outlook, private equity investors need to change the way they are operating, shifting their focus away from long-duration investments like high-yield bonds and venture capital toward hard assets such as energy, infrastructure and real estate.

How venture capital is hurting the economy

The mania surrounding the VC industry is showing no signs of slowing. And it’s starting to have negative impacts on society.

Why bitcoin may be worthless

In a scathing report, the world’s central bank has labeled the largest cryptocurrency useless, unsafe and environmentally disastrous.

Was bitcoin’s rise built on a lie?

New research suggests that roughly half of bitcoin’s meteoric rise in late 2017 was driven by possibly fraudulent buying demand—undercutting the main reason why bitcoin entered the mainstream.

Beware the Fed’s ‘shadow rate’

Another Federal Reserve rate hike is coming. But by one measure, the pain of policy tightening is going to get much worse.

What’s next for public PE stocks?

The share price performances of KKR, Blackstone and other firms have been disappointing despite favorable conditions. Could the recent tax cut and the option to restructure to a C-Corp change things?

Hot to not: The valuation implosion at Theranos

For all the success Silicon Valley has enjoyed in this business cycle the ongoing implosion of Theranos is a festering blemish. Here’s a look at how it played out, in real dollars.

Drilling deep: Why energy PE is about to get hot

What’s the cure for high gas prices? More oil. And how do we get more oil? With the help of private equity capital.

Energy investment to soar as oil rises

Hydrocarbons are hot again as oil prices have rebounded strongly after years of under investment and oversupply. But with demand growing fast, the industry will need $3 trillion in fresh capital.

Uber vs. Waymo in $2.8T battle for ‘robotaxis’

The future of transportation is now. And like most of human history, it’s messy and features a pitched battle for dominance.

Is Tesla all wrong on Autopilot?

The woes continue to mount for Tesla amid growing questions over the safety and efficacy of its semi-autonomous system following a series of serious—and sometimes deadly—crashes.

Economic tightening sets stage for more rate hikes

Things are tight. Inflation is perking up. And that means interest rates are going to be headed higher, pressuring everything from new car affordability to leveraged loans and PE deal activity.

Tesla’s woes deepen as cash burn intensifies

Despite solid earnings and impressive revenue growth, Tesla’s shares are sliding in the wake of a testy earnings call and a realization that the company will likely need to raise additional capital.

Beauty for all: How Deciem is disrupting the skincare industry

Deciem’s The Ordinary is shaking up the cosmetics business with its ultra-cheap, high-quality products. But its founder’s bizarre behavior is raising eyebrows on social media.

Tesla’s hype and ambition crash into reality

CEO Elon Musk’s pattern of making grand promises is threatened by the difficulties facing Tesla.

VC industry at risk as politicians square off against Silicon Valley

The tech industry—from mega-cap publicly traded giants like Facebook and Apple to the Silicon Valley-focused VC industry—should be on notice. Why? They’re vulnerable to populist backlash.

Prepare for ‘Occupy Silicon Valley’

Has big tech jumped the shark? Things sure feel surreal as one surveys the big-tech landscape, raising the risk of a populist blowback and regulatory crackdown.

Virgin Galactic’s long road to the stars

Arguably, no private market upstart understands the difficulty of leaving the Earth more than Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which enjoyed a recent victory with its test flight of VSS Unity.

Bitcoin and IPOs under threat as tech rout deepens

Turmoil and volatility in the stock market—which senior writer Anthony Mirhaydari warned about in January—has hit with ferocity. That’s threatening the most exciting areas of the private markets.

Exploding rockets, the Great Man Theory and other reasons space is heating up again

Amid the new privately-funded race for space PitchBook chatted with Tim Fernholz, author of the new book “Rocket Billionaries: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the New Space Race.”

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and the new race for space

The rapidly falling cost of space launches is driving renewed excitement on the final frontier, and VC dollars are joining in, hoping to hitch a ride into the stratosphere and beyond.

Credit markets on edge amid bankruptcies, Fed tightening

High-yield bonds and leveraged loans are at risk amid rising interest rates, rising default risks and lingering overconfidence.

Q&A: How Airbus is working to take urban mobility airborne

Airbus subsidiary Vahana recently flew its prototype of an autonomous, on-demand form of urban aviation. We chatted with project executive Zach Lovering to gain insight into the future of air travel.

Air taxis prepare to take flight

Thanks to gains in autonomous technology and battery density, on-demand urban vertical takeoff/landing air travel is close to becoming a reality.

Will bitcoin go to zero?

The bitcoin headlines are still coming in hard and fast, despite a harrowing drop from the December highs of just below $20,000. The sentiment bubble remains intact. But are prices headed even lower?