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The 25 most valuable VC-backed companies in the US

Stripe, Juul and SpaceX are some of the businesses that have recently moved up the list of most valuable VC-backed US companies. We’ve put together a look at the top 25.

Last update: May 13, 2019

Since the calendar turned to 2019, a handful of highly valued unicorns have hit the stock market, while many others have raked in mega-deals accompanied by lofty new valuations. And that’s led to some major changes on our ranking of the most valuable VC-backed companies in the US.

Uber, which held the coveted top spot for years, went public in early May and is officially off the list. The ridehailing colossus made way for The We Company (aka WeWork) at No. 1, at least for a while. The provider of co-working spaces is expected to soon conduct an offering of its own after confidentially filing for an IPO back in December—and after reaching a reported $47 billion valuation with a January investment from SoftBank.

Airbnb, Slack and Palantir Technologies are some of the other highly valued businesses that could soon go public. But VC-backed companies that aren’t planning IPOs have experienced recent valuations spikes, too. E-cigarette company Juul, Elon Musk’s SpaceX and payments specialist Stripe have all ascended into the top five of our list after raising new capital in the past six months, and companies like DoorDash and Epic Games have seen major step-ups of their own.

We’re using PitchBook data to track the 25 most valuable VC-backed companies in the US. We’ll continue to update the list with new additions or changes in rankings. Click on the logos in the sortable chart to access each company’s free profile:

Source: PitchBook
Some of the funding and valuation information above is estimated. Outcome Health and Zenefits reached $5.5 billion and $4.5 billion valuations, respectively, with their most recent rounds. They’ve been omitted from the list because, given troubles at each company, it’s unlikely they’ve retained those valuations.

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    Written by Priyamvada Mathur
    Priyamvada Mathur writes about venture capital at PitchBook.

    She is an Indian chartered accountant and has studied economics and journalism.
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