All the VC-backed IPOs in the US so far this year

June 28, 2018 View comment (1)
Unity Biotechnology. Magenta Therapeutics. ARMO BioSciences. Verrica Pharmaceuticals. Notice a pattern? They're all VC-backed healthcare companies, and they've all gone public since the beginning of this year.

Of the VC-backed companies in the US that have conducted IPOs so far in 2018, nearly two-thirds are part of the healthcare industry. And the spike in healthcare companies hitting the public markets represents a larger trend: VC-backed IPOs in general are booming.

So far, just about halfway through 2018, the total deal value for VC-backed IPOs in the US stands at $6.9 billion, per PitchBook data. If the pace keeps up, this year will be second to only 2012 in terms of IPO deal value—and 2012 is a bit of an outlier, as it includes Facebook's record-breaking public offering. The number of public debuts in 2018 is high, too: This year is set to see around 85 VC-backed IPOs in the US, a number that's only been exceeded in 2007, 2013 and 2014.

The healthcare sector, which encompasses devices & supplies, drug discovery and biotechnology, is by far the most active industry for IPOs this year. Of the 41 venture-backed companies based in the US that have gone public over the past six months, 27 fall in the healthcare sector, per PitchBook data. Next comes IT: Eleven companies in that industry have conducted IPOs since the beginning of 2018, including Dropbox, DocuSign and Zscaler.

Here's a look at all the US-based VC-backed companies that have gone public so far in 2018, ranked in terms of valuation at the time of their debut:

Company name Month of IPO Years from founding to IPO Industry sector Money raised in IPO Value at IPO
Dropbox March 10.8 IT $756.0M $8.2B
DocuSign April 15.1 IT $629.3M $4.4B
Pluralsight May 14.4 B2C $310.5M $2.0B
Zscaler March 11.2 IT $192.0M $1.9B
Avalara June 14.5 IT $180.0M $1.6B
Smartsheet April 13.3 IT $174.5M $1.5B
Zuora April 11.6 IT $154.0M $1.4B
Ecovacs May 20.4 B2C $126.1M $1.3B
Carbon Black May 16.3 IT $152.0M $1.3B
Vobile January 12.5 IT $206.4M $1.1B
Unity Biotechnology May 9.3 Healthcare $85.0M $712.4M
Huami February 5.1 Healthcare $110.0M $653.8M
Arcus Biosciences March 3.2 Healthcare $120.0M $638.3M
Eidos Therapeutics June 5.5 Healthcare $106.3M $608.9M
Homology Medicines March 3.2 Healthcare $144.0M $577.3M
Solid Biosciences January 5.1 Healthcare $125.0M $546.4M
nLIGHT April 18.3 B2B $96.0M $537.9M
Aptinyx June 2.8 Healthcare $102.4M $520.6M
Magenta Therapeutics June 1.6 Healthcare $100.0M $515.6M
Evelo Biosciences May 4.4 Healthcare $85.0M $509.9M
ARMO BioSciences January 5.2 Healthcare $128.0M $497.7M
Forty Seven June 3.5 Healthcare $113.0M $478.2M
Neon Therapeutics June 4.7 Healthcare $100.0M $451.2M
EverQuote June 9.9 IT $84.4M $446.5M
Avrobio June 3.5 Healthcare $99.7M $439.8M
ElectroCore June 13.5 Healthcare $78.0 $426.4M
Surface Oncology April 4.3 Healthcare $108.0M $414.0M
resTORbio January 1.1 Healthcare $85.0M $407.9M
Verrica Pharmaceuticals June 5.5 Healthcare $75.0M $374.2M
Menlo Therapeutics January 7.1 Healthcare $119.0M $372.8M
UNUM Therapeutics March 4.2 Healthcare $69.2M $355.4M
Scholar Rock May 6.4 Healthcare $75.0M $342.2M
Inspire Medical Systems May 11.3 Healthcare $108.0M $323.9M
Xeris Pharmaceuticals June 13.5 Healthcare $85.5M $296.0M
Kezar Life Sciences June 3.5 Healthcare $75.0M $274.8M
Cardlytics February 10.1 B2B $70.2M $253.8M
Eyenovia January 4.1 Healthcare $27.3M $99.4M
Genprex March 9.2 Healthcare $6.4M $65.2M
One Stop Systems February 20.1 IT $19.0M $61.7M
Tricida June 4.9 Healthcare $222.3M
Translate Bio June 8.5 Healthcare $121.6M

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